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Lashes Done Right

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Today I had an appointment at Bodiguide Beauty Care Workshop to get eyelash extensions done. The shop is located in Causeway Bay, one of the more popular cities of Hong Kong. I find that shops here are more upscale and hygienic as compared to most in other districts. Bodiguide was no exception. The place felt very welcoming and the staff were especially nice. They lead me to a room where they actually have beds with blankets for you to lay in while they perform the procedure. It was very comfortable. In fact, I almost fell asleep a couple of times. I couldn't be any happier with the results. I got eyelash extensions done in Beijing, but they looked so ridiculous. I felt like a drag queen... I'm not even kidding. This time it actually looked natural and flattering. I would highly recommend them.


I had no time to waste afterwards, so I hurried to Mong Kok to meet my dad for dinner. We were supposed to eat at this Thai spot that I loved when I was younger, but unfortunately they closed down. Sadness. We ventured around to find a good spot for curry and ended up all the way in Jordan. Turns out the spot we were supposed to go to closed down as well. So we just tried out a random spot called Ah Long Pakistan Halal Food. It was packed when we got there and the space was small, so it wasn't too easy to get to our seats. Seemed like a happening spot! My dad and I ordered three curry sets to share: beef, beef tendon and lamb. Every time I go out to eat with my dad, we tend to order so much food. It seems like my dad loves to eat just as much as I do, or maybe even more. I definitely take after him. I see the resemblances more and more now.


When dinner was over, it was time for my favorite time of the meal! DESSERT! Only in Hong Kong do I look forward to dessert time this much. I absolutely love Cantonese "tong sui." We went to 明記甜品 (Ming Dessert) for some ja ja, a mixed bean soup. You can have it either cold or hot. Now that I've tried it in actual Hong Kong, the one I normally get at Phoenix comes nowhere close. I'm going to miss this when I leave.


My dad also gave me some barbecued meat from Bee Cheng Hiang. It's a Singapore brand. Honestly, it's the best tasting jerky I've ever tasted. Okay, it's not really jerky. I can't explain it really. I think it's meat covered in sweet barbecue sauce? Whatever it is..... it's absolutely delicious!


Less than 4 days left!! Eeek.

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"Ciracle means Miracle"


I made a trip out to Times Square today to do some spontaneous shopping. Actually, I wanted to stop by the Sasa store for something specific but I'll get to that soon. Got some Korean food at Lee Fa Yuen Express again, since I remember it was pretty decent the last time I stopped by. Definitely not the ideal place to get Korean food, but hey, it works for a quick meal. I realized that I get Korean food cravings almost every week.


Then it was shopping time! Causeway Bay is a prime example of how notorious Sasa stores are in Hong Kong. Walk up one street alone and you can easily spot 3-4 of them not even within half a mile's distance. It's worse than Starbucks in the states. The specific item I was looking for was Kose's MEDICATED SEIKISHO Whitening Mask. I remember the first time I tried it was in Las Vegas. The mask comes out black and acts like a pore strip for your entire face. They only had one left in stock, but being me, I wanted to go to other stores to compare prices before I purchased. I went to Bonjour (another popular beauty store) and found it for almost HK$40 cheaper! Funny thing is that I didn't even end up buying it. The store associate showed me something that was less harsh for my skin called Jeju Volcanic Clay Mask. It's from the Korean company Ciracle.


I was sold when she explained what the benefits of it were. First of all, it's organic. Second, it has everything I need in one jar! The mask is good for removing waste/toxins from my heavily congested skin. It helps to absorb and control sebum. It prevents the occurrence of pimples and blackheads. It even helps to eventually remove those stubborn skin-colored bumps. Lastly, it helps to minimize and tighten pores. If it does everything it claims, it will be my holy grail of skincare products!! Sounds too good to be true right now, but I'll see how things go in 2-4 weeks.


Finished off my day with Honeymoon Dessert. Got the black glutinous rice with mango, but it wasn't as good as the one back in Beijing. This one didn't have the tiny ice shavings that I liked. I'm going back to try the one I mentioned in my previous post next time. Hopefully it'll be the same as I imagine it to be.


So I used the mask after I showered and the texture is actually really nice. It's smooth to the touch and easy to apply. Just make sure you layer a thick layer on (about 2mm). With this one, I didn't get the stiff feeling that I usually get with other masks I've tried. It washes off easily, too. I'm liking it so far.

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Buh-bye Streaks!

Lately I have been naturally waking up around 8 or 9AM and it bugs me. Why can't I sleep in when I am actually allowed to?? I had a quick lunch at the infamous Cafe de Coral downstairs. I swear their menu changes every single time. Got myself roast pork with rice. I was disappointed that I couldn't find that anywhere in Beijing... It was love at first bite.


I headed over to my appointment at Tokyo Hair Salon after lunch. I seriously went in circles a few times looking for the place. Maybe it's just me, but I find it extra hard to find places in Hong Kong because all the signs are cluttered everywhere. It becomes overwhelming at times. Finding a store is like finding Waldo. I finally found the small hair salon after wandering around aimlessly for 30 minutes. Got my hair cut and dyed like I originally planned. I chose to go with ash brown. I'm happy that my streaks are gone! Would I recommend the salon? No. I felt that it was pretty rundown, disorganized, and not too friendly. I will definitely choose elsewhere next time.


Went to check out the Sasa Outlet afterwards. I can honestly spend HOURS in Sasa just looking at all the different things. The outlet has only a few selections compared to the actual store, but everything is sold with huge discounts so it's totally worth the trip. Only picked up a few Tony Moly eyeshadows. I got them in shades PK01 and VL03. Pigmentation seems only decent from the one I opened. It applies pretty sheer.


Met with my dad in the evening to go have dinner with my uncles. The restaurant we went to was called Eky's Banquet. I have to say that everything was delicious! We mainly ordered seafood and everything was made just right. Now I'm curious of how their dim sum is like. They also had one of my favorite desserts! I fell in love with it back in Beijing at a spot called Honeymoon Dessert. The dish is basically mango pomelo and sago in sweet soup. I love sago. There's actually one in Times Square, too. Must make a trip before I head back to Los Angeles. It's so goooood.


No plans for tomorrow as of now. Hopefully I can actually sleep in this time.

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Feels Good to Be Back

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I didn't realize how much I've missed Hong Kong until I got back. For some reason, I was a homebody for the entire weekend. I've been out so much in Beijing that it actually felt nice to stay in. The only time I left home was to grab something to eat. Oh, how I've missed those street stand noodles! That was really all I ate for the past couple days.

Today I stopped by one of my favorite shoe stores. They have the best deals on cute shoes there. I've been on the hunt for a pair of flats, since my only pair got chewed up back home. I was happy to find these purple vinyl ones. I'm keeping this one safe.


For tomorrow, I booked a hair appointment to get my hair cut and dyed... finally. Ive been holding it off since I've been in Beijing. The streaks must go! And I'm finally getting my luggage back. I can't be anymore relieved. Officially one week until I'm back home!!!

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Airport Catastrophe

Arrived at the Bejing Airport at approximately 11:20AM to check-in for my flight to Shenzhen. It didn't take long before it all went downhill...

FIRST, I checked-in at the flight counter and was dreading to find out how much my luggage weighed. With all the things I shoved in there, it had to be overweight. What I didn't expect was it to be 9kg overweight! I screwed myself over with that one, but what can I do? I paid the people and moved on.

SECOND, I patiently wait next to my terminal Gate B for boarding at 12:30PM. When the time rolled around and the plane did not arrive, I got kind of worried. I thought that it was just running extremely late, but when another half a hour had passed I began to panic. I checked the flight schedules and realized that they had changed Gate B to Gate A. I seriously wanted to punch someone at that point. I went to the management counter and booked the next flight.

THIRD, out of pure clumsiness (and panic from the whole situation), I leave my cell phone somewhere I couldn't remember. When I asked the ladies at the counter, they were nice enough to give my phone a call for me. Found out it was sitting at lost and found outside of the security checkpoint. My boarding time was in half a hour and I was told I wouldn't have time to get it. So I had to decide between phone or plane. Wonderful. I took a leap of faith and made a dash for both. Thank God I made the flight just in time!

LASTLY, due to the complete chaos that went down, my main luggage was left stranded at the Beijing Airport. I had a feeling there would some sort of mix-up with the luggage. I landed at Shenzhen a little after 6:00PM and would have had to wait another 4 hours if I wanted to see my luggage again. I was exhausted by that point, so I decided to just have it picked up another day. So for now I will make do with the few items I do have with me.

Even though I had such a crappy day, I am very thankful for the random strangers that helped me out. Like the ladies at the desk who helped me find my phone and let me borrow theirs; the security workers who escorted me to the right places that, otherwise, I would had a hard time finding; and to the young man that ran my luggage around the airport so that I would be able to make my flight in time. Seriously, THANK YOU.

I'm glad that is over with.

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